Surveying for the 21st Century
Multi-lingual, geolocated, AI-powered voice note surveys to capture real, honest feedback from your stakeholders.
Pioneered alongside experts
Equitable, Inclusive Engagement
Ella lets you deploy surveys that your respondents can answer by simply talking to their phone, tablet or computer. Then, using AI, every open response is instantly translated, categorized, visualized, and mapped.
Public Engagement
Engage every one of your residents when and where they are available, in the language that is most comfortable for them.
Disaster Relief
Ella augments the ability to assess what is happening at ground level and maintain open lines of communication with communities.
Ella incorporates multilingual voice transcription and translation so that every one of your stakeholders can participate and be heard.
Built to maximize quality feedback.
Voice submissions
Ella's voice input core democratizes responses. Regardless of typing difficulties or time constraints, Ella gathers open-ended responses efficiently through voice note surveys.
AI Survey Designer
AI technology means all those hours spent analyzing open-responses are no more. Our Survey Designer not only intelligently tags responses with topics but also writes entire reports summarizing results
Multi-lingual voice and text responses
Respondents can type or speak in 100+ languages and Ella will translate every response to English, saving you as the analyst hours of time sifting between languages.
Geo-tagged responses
As a survey administrator, you have the option to ask participants for their current location and later on, have the ability to directly import your data to mapping tools like ArcGIS.
Why Ella Surveys?
A community of experts pushing the boundaries of surveys
Communities are only as strong as the feedback mechanisms that connect them together. But it's difficult to maintain those feedback loops when surveys don't work for you. Whether you're an online clothing company or a neighborhood organization — we've all felt the drain from low response rates and generic insights drawn from multiple choice questions "On a scale from 1 to 5..." Our team understands. We've collectively read and designed thousands of hours of surveys and built Ella to give the community a tool to gain accurate and real feedback from customers, residents, visitors and other stakeholders. By incorporating AI into the fundamental building blocks of a survey — from the way that a respondent responds to the ways that you as the survey administrator can analyze — we've set a course for the way surveys are going to be done in the future. We exist in the 21st century. There are zero reasons that we should be still be using the same survey tools as the 20th.
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